I drink Nescafé now

The truth is that someone in my office makes a carafe of Omani coffee or qahwa each day and we can pour ourselves a small thimble-sized cup of it to take back to our desks along with the traditional date. Omani coffee is unique and has a strong taste of cardamon but sometimes it even has saffron and rose water and I have heard of it being made with cinnamon and cloves.

But this post is not about Omani coffee. This post is about the fact that I drink Nescafé now.

When you go to the big grocery stores in Oman, and there are HUGE grocery stores here. You will find among the Reeses and Quality Street and Tide laundry detergent one thing is missing: filter coffee. Mind you, there is coffee. There is Omani coffee. And there is instant coffee. But the filter coffee section? It leaves something to be desired and some 250gram packets of coffee that go for $3.00 USD in many parts of the world are around $7.00 USD here.

Here in Oman, my flatmate drinks Nescafé Red Cup throughout the day. It’s just more cost efficient and can be dressed up with milk or taken black or even melted with a dash of hot water and turned into a refreshing cold beverage in just a moment with ice and milk.

But I’m not here to give you instant coffee hacks (was the Dalgona coffee fad in March 2020 the peak of pre-pandemic denial? I’m inclined to believe so).

What I am here to say is that in less than 30 days in a new country, certain aspects of an adapted life have become surprisingly normal to me.

If you have room in your suitcase, pack some filter coffee but don’t fret too much, the cafe near my house makes a perfectly fine latte for 1 OMR.

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