20 Observations on Oman after 6 weeks

  1. The mountains are gorgeous and layered and a total vibe
  2. The wind is no joke and random gusts will pick up your garden furniture and throw it across the patio
  3. American chocolate like Reeses and Betty Crocker cake mixes are in almost every store
  4. Pepsi is the preferred brand over coke
  5. An entire family with carts and carts full of stuff will cut in front of you in the line at the supermarket and act like it’s NBD
  6. Grilled and fried chicken here are the most popular food options outside of Muscat. In fact, I can foresee you becoming quite tired of chicken
  7. It is common to dust a house three times a week here. Dust is a huge part of desert life
  8. Mosquitos
  9. Every mosque has a different sounding call to prayer because every person doing the call to prayer has their own, ahem, abilities. Some are melodic, some are not
  10. Everyone will call you “sister” or “brother”
  11. Terms of endearment are common among Arabs and the expats who live among them. Strangers will address you as “dear” “sweetie” and the Arabic “habibi”
  12. People here have time to spare. Expats and locals alike might be miffed if you don’t text them back right away or if you ignore their messages
  13. You will be hit on at the grocery store
  14. You will be hit on by the guy from Open Souq who is showing you his father’s house
  15. You will be relentlessly hit on
  16. Internet and phone service is expensive here compared to other countries
  17. Water and electricity are astonishingly cheap here because these things are subsidized by the government
  18. When someone from the opposite sex says they want to be your friend, that’s not what they mean
  19. The Arabic love language is food. People will feed you an awful lot and it’s common to eat after 9pm
  20. Omanis are some of the kindest and most gentle people you will live amongst

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