An Ode to Sweet, Sweet Grocery Shopping in Oman

If you want sweets, you can get them here
Reese’s, Hershey’s, and Cadbury, too.
Cheetos, Doritos, Haribo so lecker
Raspberry gummies in electric blue.

Betty Crocker moved here
once they found their oil.
Her Super Moist collection
is your diet’s only foil.
Strawberry, Lemon, or Devil’s Food
Cheesecake, fudgy brownies
if you like it à la mode.
Mackie’s Mint Chip will make
your heavy heart dip
Walk, don’t run or on your burka
you will trip.

Semi-sweet, butterscotch and cinnamon baking chips.
Dressings but few salad choices, you can find French Dip.
Greens don’t grow much here but you’ll find that mangos do,
Cheese is readily shippable, they even make it, too.
(But you can only get the good kinds of cheddar in Muscat).

Lamb, camel, beef and chicken, everywhere you know.
The fresh choices are limited, to the freezer section you go!
Seafood, rice, Indian spices as much as you please,
shredded mozzarella tied together in packs of threes.

Voluminous, billowing, elastic-waistlines
loose-fitting. Nobody to see you
finish this in one sitting.
Desert life, stay inside or visit
grocery stores so cool.

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