Camping/Roadtripping the Coastal Route from Salalah to Muscat and back: Budget and Itinerary Prices

Since so little information is posted about the cost of camping or road tripping in Oman, I thought I’d post the data from my trip in case that’s useful to anyone.

I was on the road and in Salalah for a total of 8 days, from September 1 to September 8th. Of those days, I camped for two nights and stayed in Airbnbs the rest of the time (I know, but without a 4×4 its tough).

Groceries and food: 35 OMR
Gas: 60 OMR total (this includes going from Nizwa to Salalah, driving around Salalah for five days, and driving back for two days).

Airbnb: Salalah: 37 OMR for five nights total
Al Hadd: 24 OMR for one night

Miscleanous Cash: 70 OMR
(used at gas stations that wouldn’t take my card, used for coffee, roadside food and frankly, I have no idea where this money went).


Obviously, this isn’t a perfect breakdown. Where did that 70 OMR in cash go? Probably a lot of it was to food but I’m bothered that I can’t quite figure out where the rest was spent.

I should note that at 9 omr per a night, the hotel I stayed at in Mirbat outside of Salalah was exceptionally cheap. And the 24 OMR that I paid in Al Hadd was of course tourist prices. In both situations I was limited to places where I could bring a dog.

I also already had camping equipment of my own including sleeping bags, a tent, a chair, a mattress, and two coolers. Buying or renting this would have cost more.

Had I chosen to rent, I was quoted 30 omr per a day for a Toyota Fortuner, which would have been 240omr total over 8 days. If I camped using that 4×4, so then I did not stay in airbnbs, my cost still would have been about 405omr, which is quite a lot for one week.

I hope this breakdown is useful for folks who are thinking about road tripping Oman.

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