Best of Salalah: All the shopping secrets I have

Best place for plastic boxes and Japanese stationery: Daiso Japan
Bonus- this is the ONLY place in Salalah that I’ve seen that sells pour-over coffee makers and they always have filters.

Best place for used furniture? The thrift shop row near Daiso.
Note: You are meant to haggle here. Their first price is never their last price.

The best and only place to buy Starbucks coffee beans? Al Sabahi Sweets also have a whole range of other imported coffees, snacks, and of course candy. I go for the coffee beans.

Best place to go for early morning coffee? Toqa coffee in the city center or Toqa coffee in Dahariz. These locations are open 24/7 except on certain holidays. There’s also Caribou Coffee which opens at 6am most days.

Best place for art supplies, canvas, and reasonably priced paints? Islamic Cultural Bookshop in the city center or their Saada location.

Best places for groceries? The big Lulu here has the best general selection of cheese (but they’re rivalled by Carrefour acorss the street) and they have a rotating list of specialty items. It’s really just luck of the draw depending on when they’ve got their shipment in for certain things. The big Carrefour in Salalah Gardens Mall also has an amazing selection of cheese, produce, meat, and specialty items. Their bakery isn’t half bad either.

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